I don’t have a large family. So before my husband, kids and I head out on a trip, my best pal Lisa agreed to be the  go-to should something . . . not good. . .  happen.

So here’s the scoop: because I occasionally (most of the time) lose computer files, I assume that others do too.

I mean, I once put our kitty’s laser pointer in the freezer and couldn’t find it for months.

So, when people re-send links and email addresses (or whatever) to me – I’m tickled. I’m all, how sweet that they figure I lost this.

Which is why every single time I travel, I send Lisa every piece of information she could possibly need should something . . . not good. . . happen.

But turns out, every time I sent Lisa the pertinent information, she thought that I thought that she’s an airhead who loses critical info. Catch that?

She didn’t understand that, in fact, I’m the one who stashes laser pointers in freezers.

My  point: before you travel send someone close to you all of your pertinent info.

Following is the letter I send to Lisa (that bugs her so much). Feel free to copy and send to your BFF:

Hey Lisa,
I just wanted you to know the scoop in case anything happens when we’re in the Outer Banks and we need you! These two people below have your cell phone. You’ll still take River (our dog) and Max (our kitty) if anything happens to us? (I hope?) Max is a totally indoor boy. Too many coyotes here.
Just FYI, River is boarding at: Fancy Schmancy Kennels. (Address, phone.)
Our kitty sitter is Daphne and is staying at the house with Max (our kitty). She has your number in case anything happens.  Her phone: 123/456-7899
Our vet is Paws & Tails in Small Town, GA at (321) 777-4488. (Just wanted you to have this info. in case you need it.)
Name of attorney with our will: Fancy Name of Attorney’s office (Address, phone.)
E-Mail: FancyAttorney@fancyattorneyoffice.com
Love you! Thank you for putting up with being my only person!!! Love, Wendy


That’s it! I just want Lisa to have the basics:

  • how to find our wonderful dog.
  • how to find our sneaky kitty.
  • contact info. for our veterinarian.
  • Contact info. to the lawyer who did our will.

Seriously, this is so easy: all you do is write up the info. one time and then send it to your main contact person every single time you travel.

They love when you do that.



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