Last Easter the kids and I —  hopped (sorry) into a rental car — and drove two days to see friends in Richmond, VA. Once at our destination, I decorated our rental with bunny ears and nose. (My babies turn 15 in April and the chance to do cute stuff for the holidays is disappearing.)

When nobody whined, “Mama, please take the dorky ears off the car” I was like, awww — even at 180 months of age, my boys still dig holiday fun.

Anyhoo, with the boys at a friend’s house, I was food shopping yet again, and was too rushed and hungry to pay attention to where I parked. (I was rungry.)

What I should have done? Parked by something that stands out. In this case, I could have parked next to the grassy embankment or the store’s gas station. But that’s rungry for you.

When I got back to the parking lot, I couldn’t spot the rental. My rental looked like every car on the road: a semi-gray blobby four-door. Then I spied two dorky looking bunny ears, and I was back in business.

My point: your car can look dorky on vacation too. “Car ears” come in every holiday style — so that one can look dorky all year long.  Keep a set in your glove compartment, and throw the ears on when you’re likely to lose your car (like at a mammoth theme park).

Or keep bright ribbon in your car and stick it under your car’s windshield wipers (so it doesn’t blow away). The ribbon won’t stand up, but if you walk aisle to aisle — like I did — you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the ribbon.

4th of July “ears”                                                           Our car’s bunny ears                                                                 Car devil horns

But look, if you prefer to go techie, do the following:

1) Use your smartphone to take a photo of the car’s location. (Hard when you’re rungry.)

2) For iPhone people: Open up Apple Maps, click the arrow in bottom left-hand corner to set your car’s location. Next click on the small blue circle and then click the blue and white arrow to bookmark your car’s spot. Then you’re ready to find your car, get directions to your car’s location.

Google Maps app in Android has a similar set-up.

Funny Lost Car Story

Years ago my relatives played in Disneyland, but then couldn’t find their car at the end of the day. At all. They looked and looked — then waited and waited until the parking lot emptied out. Still no car. Turns out they were the victim of car theft.

Okay, not funny, but quite a story.

Please share your lost car stories!



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