The biggest, baddest roller coaster ever opens tomorrow. And the new five-star will be the talk of the city when it debuts on Saturday night. Or a hot dinner restaurant has begun serving Sunday brunch this weekend.

Yeah, I’ll sit this one out. You know why?

Remember when you were a brand new parent? Who can forget that  learning curve? Sure, you turned into Super Parent over time, but it didn’t happen on the first day home with a newborn.

Same thing with opening days of entertainment venues. Team Glitch wins the day in the beginning when something new and wonderful opens. With great dedication — and a bit of luck — the venue’s good staff will remove Team Glitch one annoyance at a time. But do you want to spend your hard earned checking out a new venue when the glitches are still running the show?

Me either.

Through the years, I’ve read reviews of, say, a new hotel. Guests write critical comments paired with the inevitable, “I hope they get their act together because the gardens in back are stunning.” Or, “It’s a shame they’re not more on top of things because the underwater decor is unforgettable.” And, “I know they’re brand new, but how long do I have to wait to see a server?”

Here’s your takeaway: steer clear of new hot spots. The staff will make the venue sparkle — in time.  The first month (maybe more) read those online reviews always keeping an eye out for planted fake ones. When the coast is clear — meaning they got rid of the glitches — the reviews will get sunnier and sweeter. That’s the time to make you move. Have a blast enjoying a smooth experience!



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