Even on so-called difficult days – when my kids are driving me nuts – I never, ever lose focus about how fast their childhood is flying by.

One minute they were cooing newborns, the next they were screaming “watch me, Mama!” before flying off the high dive at the pool. Today they’re teens who careen from eye-rolling to mumbling, “love you too, Mama.”

Guess they’ll be grandads tomorrow.

And because these years are going so quickly, my parenting-default tends towards kisses, hugs, smiles, “why nots?, and so forth. (Truly, I’m far from perfect but, yeah, these years are like a blink.) So when I do growl or bark at the kids I feel awful about it afterwards.

That said.

Attention my Darling Kids: Don’t ask me to handle a time-laborious chore literally the day before we’re leaving on a jet plane.

See, I’d already scheduled time to get your glasses fixed at the optometrist, and wrote copious notes for Dad who’s medicating the animals while we’re gone.

I also planned today to put finishing touches on an article that the editor needs by 5 p.m.

So, no! Don’t ask me to run to the LEGO store to buy a special LEGO gift for the friend we’re visiting.

Because if memory serves, I reminded you a gazillion times to handle this gift with Dad.

I didn’t even growl or bark, I just stated my truth: Son, I love you more than life itself but you MAY NOT give me work to do the day before our trip.

One more thing? The gift wrap and bows for the LEGO gift are in the hall closet.

And guess what? My husband and son handled the entire thing beautifully. (Was the gift wrapped with the skill of Nordstrom? No, but proper delegation means being willing to chill over the end products.)

Delegation rocks!

What do you delegate to the kids that makes your life a little easier?

Wendy ♥♥♥



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