Quick backstory: I was a chunky monkey throughout childhood and my young adult years. So when I finally figured out how to lose weight? I planned on never finding those suckers again.


So — because for years now I’ve kept my eating clean –, I’d give myself no-caloric small treats like a non-alcoholic drink called ICE. An acquaintance told me about an ICE flavor that’s off-the-charts awesome. And because it was so fantastic I had at least two a week. (I won’t share the flavor because friends don’t let friends waste money.)

Hey, I thought, it’s only a buck – what’s the big deal?

Here’s the thing, I liked my little drink so much that my twice a week treat turned into a daily habit. Not proud, but I was spending $365 a year.

Now, I loved my drink — no doubt —  but I love 300 big ones more especially if they’re paying for travel. (Plus I really need to drink more water. )

So feeling amped about saving that $365, I took a look around my life for something else I could eliminate.

Goodbye my newsy friend

It didn’t take me long to uncover another frivolous expense.

Every morning I was reading a super expensive newspaper. I didn’t read the hard news (too negative) or the financial section, but I adored reading the lifestyle section that reviewed the newest car, the latest books, the best bottle of chardonnay and so forth.

However, that beautiful newspaper cost us over $250/year. Gulp-city.

So I eliminated my sweet paper (knowing our local library had it).

And – boom! – that’s how I pocketed $615 in early January.

Now, here’s the key part: if you simply reabsorb those expenses into your daily budget, you’re sunk. Stash that $615 into your travel fund.  And then give yourself a little wink in the mirror.

You’re so smart.

What small things can you eliminate to boost your travel fund?

Wendy  ♥♥♥


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